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Local Ecotype to Within 90 Miles of St. Charles, Illinois

Local Ecotype Native Plant Brand

Perfect for restoration contractors specializing in ecological restoration and landscape resilience, as well as landscape architect-designers and home gardeners, the Natural Garden Natives® branded plant line, owned by Midwest Groundcovers, consists of more than 200 carefully selected native forbs, grasses, and shrubs. Many are beautiful and easy to grow, making them good partners in traditional gardens. Native plants encompass a range of attributes. They are well-adapted to grow in the Midwest and provide color throughout the growing season while they offer much-needed food and habitat for native wildlife. With its distinctive Natural Garden Natives logo, the branded plants are available at many Midwest independent garden centers in pint- and #1-size forest-green containers.


About Natural Garden Natives

Grown at Midwest Natural Garden in St. Charles, Illinois, our Natural Garden Natives® brand stems from distinguished native plantsmen.

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For beauty and resilience, select Natural Garden Natives branded product for your ecological restoration or landscape development project. Contact us today.

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