Rain Garden

A Rain Garden is a shallow, flat depression, 4-8″ deep, planted with native plants and/or other species, that are adapted to the expected moisture conditions of the garden. They are located in the landscape to collect and hold rain water run-off from surrounding surfaces such as turf, pavement and roofs. Typically, rain gardens fill with water after a storm, which slowly soaks into the ground within 24 hours. Rain gardens are dry between rainfall events.

22471A Acorus calamus NGN A NP
Acorus americanus
Sweet Flag
22474A Alisma subcordatum
Alisma subcordatum
Common Water Plantain
22483A Aquilegia canadensis NGN A NP
Aquilegia canadensis
Wild Columbine
22486A Asclepias incarnata NGN A NP
Asclepias incarnata
Rose (Swamp) Milkweed
22517A Carex annectens A
Carex annectens
Yellow Fox Sedge
plant placeholder
Carex atherodes
Hairy-leaved Lake Sedge
22519A Carex bebbii NGN A NP
Carex bebbii
Bebb's Oval Sedge
22520A Carex bicknellii NGN A NP
Carex bicknellii
Copper-shouldered Oval Sedge
22521A Carex blanda NGN A NP
Carex blanda
Common Wood Sedge
22522A Carex brevior NGN A NP
Carex brevior
Plains Oval Sedge
22532A Carex bromoides NGN A NP
Carex bromoides
Brome Hummock Sedge
22533A Carex comosa NGN A NP
Carex comosa
Bristly Sedge
22523A Carex crinita A NP
Carex crinita
Fringed Sedge
22524A Carex cristatella NGN A NP
Carex cristatella
Crested Oval Sedge
22788A Carex emoryi A
Carex emoryi
Riverbank Sedge
22527A Carex frankii
Carex frankii
Bristly Cattail Sedge
22528A Carex gracillima NGN A NP
Carex gracillima
Purple-sheathed Graceful Sedge
22530A Carex grayi NGN A NP
Carex grayi
Common Bur Sedge
22531A Carex hystericina NGN A NP
Carex hystericina
Porcupine Sedge
22536A Carex Jamesii
Carex jamesii
Grass Sedge
22537A Carex lacustris NGN A NP
Carex lacustris
Common Lake Sedge
Carex lupulina
Carex lupulina
Common Hop Sedge
22540A Carex muskingumensis NGN A NP
Carex muskingumensis
Palm Sedge
22541A Carex normalis NGN A NP
Carex normalis
Spreading Oval Sedge
22543A Carex pellita NGN A NP
Carex pellita
Broad-leaved Wooly Sedge
22544A Carex pensylvanica NGN A NP
Carex pensylvanica
Common Oak Sedge
22546A Carex radiata A NP
Carex radiata
Straight-styled Wood Sedge
22548A Carex rosea
Carex rosea
Curly-styled Wood Sedge, Rosy Sedge
22549A Carex sartwellii NGN A NP
Carex sartwellii
Running Marsh Sedge
22843A Carex scoparia
Carex scoparia
Lance-fruited Oval Sedge
22550A Carex shortiana NGN A NP
Carex shortiana
Short's Sedge
plant placeholder
Carex sprengelii
Long-beaked Sedge
22551A Carex squarrosa NGN A NP
Carex squarrosa
Narrow-leaved Cattail Sedge
22552A Carex stipata NGN A NP
Carex stipata
Fox Sedge
22553A Carex stricta A NP
Carex stricta
Tussock Sedge
22555A Carex vulpinoidea NGN A NP
Carex vulpinoidea
Brown Fox Sedge

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