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Enjoy this collection of articles from previous Native newsletters, including many articles from native expert Trish Beckjord.

Sowing Native Seeds

Sowing seeds at the Midwest Natural Garden is a process that has been refined through years of experience, reporting, and observation.

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Native Plants in the Fall Garden

By Carol Becker The native plants in my garden tell me when summer is beginning to turn toward autumn. Culver’s Root (Veronicastrum virginicum) is already blooming in the shady rain garden despite lack of rain. Royal Catchfly (Silene regia) grows…

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Using Native Plants to Manage Water

By Carol Becker It rains hard and often in spring, and then we have big puddles, muddy gardens and soggy lawns. Then midsummer comes and the garden is dry and hot. The plants are gasping for water and the soil…

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Why Is Milkweed So Important?

By Carol BeckerMonarchs and milkweed. They go together like a horse and carriage! Every gardener knows this now because of the recent public media campaign to save the Monarch butterflies from extinction. Thanks to wonderful communication disseminated broadly by many…

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The Versatility of Carex

By Carol Becker Last season, I planted a Carex garden under the mature pin oak in my own front yard. Using plugs of Carex sprengelii planted roughly 18-24 inches on center, leaving some open spaces where I interspersed native plants…

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Time for the Spring Ephemerals

By Carol Becker Early spring is a very special time in the garden for me. As soon as the snow melts and the ground begins to warm up, I know I can look forward to seeing the very first native…

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