Learn What You Have

One of the first steps recommended by the Best Management Practices for Oak Ecosystem Restoration, Regeneration and Maintenance is to walk your woodland with a knowledgeable professional or steward to understand what you have.  Now is actually a perfect time to start this process as the late fall and winter are the best times to work on removing and controlling the spread of Common Buckthorn and Japanese Honeysuckle. You can then re-check for an herbaceous invasive, Garlic Mustard, in the spring. 

Working with someone who is knowledgeable can be a big help and this is where contacting your local land conservancy can be a big help. As you walk with them, make a list of what you find and flag the trees and shrubs with names so you can come back and complete a site inventory form  and make a site map These will help be your guides in the coming months. 

If you are not able to do your own work, share this information with a landscape company. You may be able to identify someone who is interested in learning about this and doing the work.  There are not enough landscape contractors out there who are trained to meet this need.  We need to get more involved!  Perhaps over the winter months they’d be willing to take on getting out buckthorn as well as snow removal!